Protect your services and be in control during traffic surges with NetFUNNEL

Virtual Queue for a Seamless Online Service

Ensure a seamless customer experience by safeguarding your online services and infrastructure assets against sudden traffic surges.

How it works

Virtual Waiting Room Solution for Massive Online Traffic

NetFUNNEL monitors the flow of traffic and when the volume of traffic hits the preset value, the NetFUNNEL Virtual Waiting Room is created. NetFUNNEL then issues a ticket to all the excess traffic on a first-come first-serve base and as the traffic flows through the service, the next user in queue with a ticket will be able to enter the traffic flow.

What’s NetFUNNEL?

Are downtimes and service disruptions caused by sudden traffic surges exhausting you? NetFUNNEL is here to help. It's a virtual waiting room solution for online traffic management, designed to prevent service crashes. Watch the video to see what you can do with NetFUNNEL.

What's NetFUNNEL?
Customers Value

Reduced downtime and server errors

Effectively preventing downtime caused by unexpected traffic surge, resulting in potential cost savings of up to $300,000 per hour.


Resilient Traffic Protection

Successfully defending against traffic surges and ensuring smooth service even during high-demand periods.


Improved brand reliability

Improving user experience and enhancing brand reliability by maintaining service availability.

Key Features#01
Simple Integration
Available for web and native app environments (iOS/Android), a simple copy and paste of javascript code is enough to integrate NetFUNNEL. No need to hard code anything.
Simple Integration
Key Features#02
Multi-Domain Support
NetFUNNEL supports traffic control for multiple sites of customers without an additional cost.Each site can be managed separately on a project basis, allowing for effective organization and management.

What is a Domain? It is a user-friendly name associated with the actual IP address on the Internet.
Multi Domain
Key Features#03
URL-based Traffic Control
By generating a 'Segment' based on the URL information of the page, NetFUNNEL enables real-time traffic control. You can control traffic by registering or modifying 'Segment' without the need for separate code modifications.

What is a Segment? The minimum unit for monitoring traffic in order to create a virtual queue.
URL-based Traffic Control
Key Features#04
Basic Control & Path Control
Basic Control This feature controls the influx of traffic for a specific page. It can be applied to the event entry page where the majority of end-users are directed.

Path Control This feature controls the influx of traffic for a specific section composed of multiple pages. It can be applied when controlling the number of end-users going through a specific process, such as payment.
Basic Control & Path Control
Key Features#05
When there is a scheduled event with an expected traffic surge, the pre-waiting feature can become quite resourceful. While it blocks access to the event page, it displays a countdown to the event. When the countdown is finished and access to the event page is available, the end users who were pre-waiting will be randomly assigned a queue number and enter accordingly.
Key Features#06
Customizable Waiting Screen
NetFUNNEL enables you to efficiently set up waiting rooms according to brand guidelines with pre-designed configurations. This allows for flexible modifications and quick deployment of waiting rooms to suit different situations. Through customized waiting pages, clients can provide end users a continued brand experience.
Customizable Waiting Screen
Key Features#07
Queue Monitoring Dashboard
The Queue Monitoring Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of traffic flow and numerical data by Segment. It enables real-time monitoring of incoming traffic, allowing you to assess the service performance from the end users' perspective.
Queue Monitoring Dashboard
Key Features#08
End User Monitoring
End User Monitoring (EUM) captures client behavior and provide real-time activity logs and data-driven insights. It allows for a deep understanding of end user behavior trends, including the geographical location of request sources, device types, peak load periods, and high-traffic pages. By leveraging this information, it becomes possible to optimize server usage through enhanced traffic control settings.
End User Monitoring
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