Protect your system from malicious bots and provide fair service

Malicious Bot Management Solution

MBUSTER detects and manages malicious bots that access in real-time through various methods, protecting users from unfair transactions, and ensuring system performance to secure service reliability.


The beginning of fair service


Ensure service fairness

Prevent unfair transactions like monopolizing or reselling products to specific users.


Optimize infrastructure resources

Blocking malicious bots prevents system load to optimize resource operating costs.


Enhance brand credibility

Protect end-user rights, reduce complaints, and build brand trust.

Real-time Malicious Bot Detection Technologies

MBUSTER analyzes access data to detect suspicious traffic and distinguishes between humans and bots by applying additional authentication measures.

Key Features#01

Static Analysis with Access Logs

Proactively identify and stop potentially harmful IP addresses by analyzing access logs' header elements with the help of existing bot lists and blocking history.

Key Features#02

Dynamic analytics using service usage patterns

Analyze the changes in individuals' access frequency and number to establish usage policies. Furthermore, implement captcha or browser challenges (JS) for bot suspects to enforce secondary authentication.

Machine Learning with Discrete Event Algorithms

Optimize the frequency and timing of events within the dynamic analysis usage policies based on data.

Key Features#03

Convenient dashboards with a variety of metrics

Provides an all-in-one dashboard to manage blocking. Shows statistics on access by type, malicious bot, country, and more.

Key Features#04

Easy to use Chatbot AI Manager for everyone

Chatbot conversations offer guidance on access status and policy implementation, along with live policy suggestions from the AI Manager.


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