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STCLab Cloud provide reliable web traffic and resource management by allowing our clients to have control over infrastructure/server costs, reduce downtime, and further add value in enhancing their customer experience.
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Traffic Management
Ensure a seamless customer experience by safeguarding your online services and infrastructure assets against sudden traffic surges.
Traffic Control | Virtual Waiting Room Service

Resource Management
STCLab Cloud offers auto-scaling support, simplifying and automating complex auto-scaling configurations in the cloud to adapt to changing traffic demands.

Wave Autoscale
Resource Control | Autoscaling Orchestration Service
Experience the synergy in STCLab Cloud
STCLab Cloud is currently bolstering its market presence with a primary focus on NetFUNNEL (Virtual Waiting Room Service). We’re also proactively addressing the growing demand in the FinOps sector by developing a range of traffic management and infrastructure management products that synergize with the NetFUNNEL service.
Swiftly transition to the public cloud
Cooperation with CSP
STCLab Cloud has been certified as an Amazon Web Services through the Partner Network and selected as an AWS Qualified Software via NetFUNNEL. We will develop integration and partnerships with major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
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