The story of STCLab

Surfing The Wave of Change

STCLab Inc. is a hypergrowth Korean startup on a mission to provide reliable web traffic and resource management by allowing our clients to have control over infrastructure/server costs, reduce downtime, and further add value in enhancing their a experience. The “STC” is an abbreviation for “Surfing The Wave of Change” meaning only those who are prepared for the Wave of Change can surf and enjoy.

Our Numbers

Current Growth

Recognized as a Baby Unicorn by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in South Korea, STCLab Inc. has been growing exponentially year on year since its establishment. With over 97% of market penetration rate of NetFUNNEL in South Korea, STCLab Inc. is now looking for global growth and expansion.

Business Impact


Korean VWR market share Proven to stabilize online services


Acquired customers across different verticals


Maximum number of simultaneous requests handled

Our principles

Constantly Embracing Challenges and Growing Together
We believe that true success is not driven solely by a results-oriented culture but by fostering a growth-centric one. In the relentless pursuit of solutions, alongside colleagues who embrace challenges without fear of failure, both the company and individuals are continuously evolving.
We Pursue Autonomy and Responsibility
We believe in instilling a sense of responsibility that drives the ability to proactively identify and address issues and produce results in any situation. Autonomy and accountability are key drivers for maintaining competitiveness and fostering growth in the rapidly evolving IT industry.
We Prioritize Customer Value
We believe that a deep understanding of our customers and unwavering dedication can transform the world in a better direction. We strive to discover hidden needs within our customers and focus on the essence of the problem to create and offer solutions that customers have yet to experience.

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